Four Cyclone Spoilers, two 70's and two 71's.  What are the obvious differences?
1.  For better or worse, the factory striping is much more bold for '71. Cyclone Spoiler lettering also changed.
2.  Trunk spoiler is black in '71, was painted body color the previous year.
3.  Center gunsight in grille in larger diameter in '71.
4.  Parking lamps in front bumper changed from clear lenses to amber for '71.
5.  Rear view mirrors placed further back on doors in '71
6.  Second pot metal hood grille eliminated for '71 (at back of hood over cowl)
7.  Chrome trim on rear edge of hood and fenders eliminated for '71.
8.  The two '71's above have the standard factory wheels and caps, both '70's feature the optional styled steel wheels.
9.  Inside the '71 has molded door panels (very expensive to restore) and similar chrome trim on rear panels.  Even though the chrome "hoop" trim matches the front panels the rears are of conventional embossed vinyl over foam over cardboard design.
10.  Some '70's had wood grain vinyl on speedo cluster and console, 71's appear to all be the black "camera case" vinyl.  Haven't really figured out if this is a model year consistent change yet.
11.  A number of hidden changes in the assembly and fastening method and subtle component changes.  Send me the secrets you have discovered and I will post them here.

Note:  If you see either year with fluted amber lenses on the center grille lamps, that means you are seeing a Cyclone that someone has installed Thunderbird lamps/lenses on.
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