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Photos of the "Rat Fink Roadster".

(This vehicle was not built by, endorsed by, spit at, striped by, autographed by, or in any other way "touched" by the late Mr. Ed Roth.  The custom plate was simply a tribute to his contributions to the Kustom Kulture of America.  The name Rat Fink is used here not for any personal or financial gain, but only to refer to the car that once bore that license plate.)


Rat Fink wants to go out and play!

"How far, how soon?"  You'd better hang on!

This is registered as a 1929 Ford Model A Roadster.  The body may be a Star, or something, but I really don't know other that that  it is all vintage steel, not fiberglass.

Here goes the description:

"1929 Ford Model A" Roadster Kustom


1958 Cadillac 365 c.i. V-8, pro built by Adams Machine in Grand Forks, ND.   Balanced, with stainless steel valves, bored .30 over, and a lumpity cam.

Spun Aluminum Moon Fuel Tank, Moon aluminum fuel tank, Edelbrock carb, stock 4 bbl manifold, Chromed original valve covers, Vintage "clear" red plug wires, chrome wire looms (not vintage), Cool Flex hoses, Late model Ford radiator, Moon direct read temperature gauge, Hand built headers, Chrome T bucket style turn out side pipes with integral mufflers, 1958 Cadillac Jet Away Transmission, reversed Mr. Gasket Daytona shifter, Late model Ford rear end.


T-style chassis, fully boxed, dropped tube axle, side steering, chrome hairpins front and rear, front tube style shock absorbers, Ford econoline van style spindles, 4 wheel hydraulic drum brakes (Ford), Dual reservoir master cylinder, Lokar short handle emergency brake, rear buggy spring, steel wheels, spun aluminum moon wheel discs, Firestone vintage wide whitewalls 8.20x15 rear, 6.70 front.


Vintage steel body.  Cool hand built, hooded "coffin" style grille shell (formed from '58 Cadillac front fenders), filled firewall, filled doors.  Wowee! '58 Cadillac fins!  '58 Cadillac molded in taillights, Rr Bumper built from '58 Cad front bumper overriders--with dagmars, hand formed rear valance, chopped windshield frame, green tinted safety glass.  Vintage flavor unrepaired rust holes in front cowl corners.


Moon rearview mirror, Total Performance hand operated windshield wiper, '59 Chevy speedometer, Vintage Stewart Warner oil and amp gauges, Rectangular gauge pod molded into dash, silver sparkle vintage style steering wheel, white tuck and roll with green sparkle piping, matching green early style seat belts, low-buck column drop, hand made steel "WHOA" brake pedal.  HOOTER label for horn button.

This little hot rod does not have the following:

Turn signals, top, side windows or opening doors, dash lights, friends on the police department.

She's a billet proof, crude but not ratty, radical roadster.  The thundering Cadillac V-8 runs cool, was built in 1996.  It is happiest on cold days, tunedfor the low lying prairie.  Could use some fine tuning for hot days in the mountains when it seems to run a little rich (Not dramatic or smoky, just down on power).

The transmission is an old Cadillac Jet Away four speed (Dual Path) Hydromatic.   It shifts harshly between 2nd and high range (Gears 3 and 4).  The transmission also leaks, and from what I've seen on the web this is very common.

The body has some very cool modifications.  The fins, rear valence, firewall, and super-cool grille shell are all quite nice.  The filled doors and windshield frame are not that nice.  The front body corners, by the cowl, were left unrepaired on purpose.  The taillights and rear bumper are painted silver, not chromed.

Ackerman (scrub) angle is not correct, and should be corrected using Total Performance or similar T-bucket spindles and steering arms.

The Firestone wide whitewall tires like to follow rain grooves at highway speeds.   Front suspension works nicely, the rear is harsh (as you would expect from this vintage set-up).  I had a line on complete Jag rear for $300.  May still be available.

This car is super fun at rod runs and shows, and draws stares of awe, dismay, or appreciation, I'm not sure which.  It impresses grandmas and frightens small children, and is hard to drive without having a big grin on your face.   I'm looking for a decent to nice '70-'71 429c.i. powered Mercury Cyclone, in case you want to trade.

"Goodbye, we'll have more fun next summer!"


Chrysler Wings, Hemi Power, T-Chassis with independent suspension, Removable top, Radir Wheels with Cheater slicks, Zoomie Exhaust, and NO BILLET!

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